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बूँद बूँद जमा धन की देखभाल में समझदार फाईनेशिंयल एडवाईजर से विश्वासपूर्ण रिश्ता निश्चित रूप से मददगार है।

This mobile app is an initiative by financial advisors to bring value to savings, investments, wealth, estate etc. through use of probable investment avenues in

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A new android app that serves as a financial advisor and can add value to your investments for a population of 50 Crore investors.

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Profile of each and every Advisor is freely available along with basic information before initiating the chat. Investor is free to select any advisor to initiate ethical chat and conversate to resolve all investment financial related queries. Beside advisors and others, an Investor too can interact with the current investment avenues and financial related information here itself.


Being an Exhaustive Investment Financial Market Place, the information regarding investment financial products, their related contents from industry experts, advisors, are not limited to a group or section or corner of society and thus serves the purpose of Totally Unbiased and Transparent platform where the Investor is very well free to select any content and choose advisor as per desired need and interact for a nominal pay and use usage fee.


The whole planet is with the virtue of give for wants. And so is the basis of use of this app for nominal sum of pay and use usage fee and is mentioned where ever it is applicable at this i Market Place it self.


At most of the instances the need for contact information of product provided is needed for various financial and non-financial requirements. This section of i Market Place makes available the contact information and other customer care details along with branding of Product Providers.


The use of this i Market Place is exhaustive but main participation is only by the persons who are within the investment financial arena and the entity includes investor, advisor along with Product Provider. The analysts, researchers, economists and others are also participants in placing the quality contents for use by everyone.


This i Market Place is very much focused to bring the investment financial awareness and inclusion in INDIA. The user here is registered by way of simple registration process. This ensures the use by all sign in persons with interest in investment financial arena. This i market place is very much free from clutter and unwanted triggering, as its use is against a nominal pay and usage fee to make sure that only quality contents are available to quality class of users.


Economy is well dependent over various global and domestic factors. Several economy updates and information along with investment financial product offering are grouped here in Trend to make the contents accessible by every user at this i Market Place to get the investment financial information as per current economy affairs.


Various global dynamics affects the domestic economy differently. These continuous happenings with latest changes are very much required to be known by every advisor and others who are in the investment financial career. This Tutorial Group is available at this i Market Place is well equipped enough to up skill and empower the investment financial knowledge by way of exhaustive interactive contents.

Financial Literacy

India being the country full of diversity, the area of Financial Literacy has been identified by Government of India for financial inclusion by each and every citizen to be a part of economic development in the country. The available Education Group at i Market Place provide all the investment awareness information and contents for each and every user here.


Most often there is a need to recall the happened discussion to make the understanding of the engagements in a better way. This unique feature has the advantage to help investor and advisor to safe keep the discussion for the desired length of time for retrievable at a future date and time, thus to make it available for understanding the engagement of conversation for non legal purpose only. This chargeable feature gives flexibility to choose the discussion of engagement on various parameters.


Each and every user under the category of Product Provider has this feature available for placing the content, article and Information at this i Market Place for the desired period to the selective group which is accessible to all the places any time and at a later date n time too. The type and format of the contents may vary from current Trends and affairs, Investor Education, career Enhancement Tutorial and their contact information List. The format of the information contents includes all the probable mobile compatible media range like documents, audios, audiovisuals, videos and image visuals etc.


The Submitted Contents at this i Market Place are grouped on the basis of Type of contents and are placed in Trend for Current affairs and offering, Education for all information over investor awareness and investment financial literacy programme, Tutorial for Up skill and Enhancement of Knowledge added with career in investment financial arena and List to provide the contact and customer care information of product providers.


Each and every user at this i market place has to provide the basic information related with investment financial arena at the time of Registration. This in turns helps investor and advisor to view and understand the BASIC profile to initiate contact meet and connect. It is very Important to mention here that not all the information submitted at the time of registration are accessible to anyone at a single go, thus to maintain privacy and only relevant use of the furnished information.


This i market place works on the basis of simple mobile no authentication process at the time of registration and sign in both. This Simple and confortable OTP feature helps no password to be remembered. This feature helps each and every one to relieve from remembering so many passwords which are continuously growing by increasing use of technology day by day. This Feature also ensures that only genuine and authorized user get signed in and use this i market place till they remain logged in. All the features are accessible only by the authenticated mobile users only.


The timely Investment financial updates are very much essential and are being required to take informed investment financial decisions. This feature is mainly available to advisors and Product Provider which in turn helps to announce broadcast the selective important updates to one or set of Investors, advisors and both.


This INVITE feature gives the edge to all those who wish to refer Introduce this i market place to offer Join Invite to the persons known in your vicinity by input through the Mobile no and triggering an SMS with the Link to Download this app to a NON DND MOBILE NO as per Government Regulations.

i Market Place

This unbiased investment financial market place serves as bridge to make and maintain the connect mainly between investor, advisor and the Investment Financial Product Provider. It is needless to mention that this bridge of connect is exhaustive and is not limited to group, sector etc. to name a few. Along with visibility of contents there are available features to choose for contact meet and connect them going forward for each and every kind of investment financial requirements.


In India versatile people have different methods and procedures to help themselves achieve financial independence. There is no single way which can lead to meet all the financial expectancies in their life. Hence the Penetration of Investment financial avenues is very much needed and it is utmost important to reach each and every Indian to have all the domestic and global diversity available to be understood and available. Besides the traditional way of doing the things differently, there is scope to do all such task in an innovative way, and thus help to downsize the communication and other procedural time next to nil, giving truly quick and fast quality updates directly from the source.


Many times, most of the persons are comfortable to meet and conversate with the same old advisor who in turn gets very well-tuned to provide effective solutions going forward. Though there is availability of contents and information available across most of the investment financial arena, along with presence of Advisors from all corners of the country, the investor is free to choose any inside the full basket. Here the once contacted advisor is equipped to maintain connect with the one or set of investors with the view to act as a strong bonding bridge between investment financial arena and the investor on all the scheduled and other incidents. This utmost quick connect feature ensures every selected one gets all updates and information timely.


This convenient free to view and select advisor feature gives every body enough room to select the advisor of desired profile to interactively chat. The contents from each and every section, group and corners of the industry including experts, researchers, educationists, corporates, institutions respectively ensures to provide information over all related investment and financial topic in an unbiased manner. Here too, the possible option to contact with all those who have placed the contents is there, whoever desires to do so.

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